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Pirate’s Dinner Adventure now offers a full educational field trip program to students of Central Florida.

Enjoy Pirate Fun on a Field Trip like no other in Central Florida! Bring your students to one of our educational matinees and take your seats as history and humor are combined in a live re-enactment of key points in Florida history.

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Afterwards you and your crew will be escorted into the main show room for a swashbuckling pirate adventure! Enjoy breathtaking acts of aerial agility and spectacular musical talent as your students dine on a meal of chicken tenders with mac & cheese, garden salad, Brownie dessert, and soft drinks. The pre-show presentation meets many of the Florida Sunshine State Standards including the chronology of Florida History, its people, places and environments

Treasure the Adventure in school reading program available*

*subject to availability and distance from school.

For more information or to book an educational matinee please contact:

Sabena Choda ~ 407.206.5100