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3 Things Families Love About Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure Showtimes & Tickets

If you are looking for fun and excitement, look no further than Pirates! Dinner Adventure! When you visit our immersive dinner experience, you can expect an evening filled with swashbuckling adventure, romance, and laughter on the high seas. To help you learn more about what to expect, we’ve put together three things that families love about Pirates!

Audience Interaction

irates! Dinner Adventure is considered to be the most interactive dinner show of its kind. Children and parents get to participate in the action, including shouting out responses to performers, helping with the storyline and even getting called up on stage and in the arena for special roles. Not to mention, our arena is divided into six separate colored sections and seating is chosen at random for the guests to root for their pirate to become First Mate throughout the show.

Multi-Course Meal Fit For a Captain

We have a wide variety of options suitable for both kids and adults. We offer chicken, pork, or veggie pasta as our standard meal for guests to purchase with their tickets. Children will love the chicken nuggets with mac n cheese. We also offer some delicious upgrades including turkey leg, salmon, and lobster. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options as well, ensuring that everyone in the family can enjoy the meal. We also have an impressive range of desserts from chocolate brownies, to fried cheesecake and moonshine cake. Before the show starts, we offer mouth-watering appetizers including fried calamari, Caribbean chicken wings, and cheese sticks.

Aerial Mermaids and Sword-fighting Pirates, Oh My!

Without a doubt, the sword fighting performances and the aerial mermaids are the highlight of the experience and add to the overall excitement of Pirates! Dinner Adventure. The swashbuckling action is all good fun and all of the stunts are completely family-friendly. Other thrilling stunts may happen above the guests’ heads where pirates can be seen swinging from rope to rope, and take place on our authentically replicated 18th-century Spanish galleon stage surrounded by its own lagoon.

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