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Celebrate Halloween With Vampirates!

Sailors tell stories of monsters that lurk in the deep: sea serpents, dragons, and krakens. But the most terrifying monsters don’t live beneath the waves. They’re pirates who have risen from the grave to feed on the living – the dreaded vampirates!

Every October, the vampirates sink their fangs into the crew of Pirates Dinner Adventure and transform our show into a spooky haunted house. Parents searching for family entertainment won’t find a show this spooky anywhere in Orange County.

The night begins at the Annual Masquerade Ball in the town of Treasure Bay. The governor has invited you and your family to be his special guests. Halloween costumes are encouraged. Arrive and mingle with the other townsfolk. Enjoy a platter of appetizers and a hearty mug of grog.

But just as you start to relax, a chill runs down your spine. The shadows creep in and out of the darkness come the vampirates, led by the evil Sebastian the Black. You and the guests are taken hostage and dragged back to Sebastian’s ship in the Hidden Lagoon. To escape, you must join forces with a ragged band of vampire hunters and battle Sebastian and his bloodthirsty crew. Will you succeed in ending Sebastian’s reign of terror or fall victim to his spiteful villainy?

Vampirates is a one-of-a-kind, kid friendly dinner show, full of thrills, chills, action, and adventure. Our special activities even include a costume contest every Saturday and Sunday. Each performance also includes a sumptuous feast prepared by our first-class restaurant. Pirates Dinner Adventure is located near downtown Orlando, near Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. But don’t wait to buy your tickets. This Halloween party only lasts until the end of October, so reserve your seats today!

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