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Join us this March as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Welcome, royal subjects to the 10th anniversary as a pirate-free town in Treasure Bay! Princess Anita has invited each of you to join in the celebration and gaze at the glory of the magical gypsy mermaid and her jewel of the sea, the Serpent’s Eye. It is said that this necklace holds off a terrible beast- the dreaded Leviathan. We’re all safe as long as the mermaid remains in possession of the necklace… until the pirates invade!

They’ve returned for vengeance on the town that exiled them and to take the Serpent’s Eye, as well as the audience! Board the ship of the dreaded Captain Sebastian the Black as he takes you captive along with the Princess and the magical mermaid. The main theater is comprised of stadium seating for up to seven hundred prisoners with a focus on the stage- a life sized Spanish Galleon surrounded by a moat of 300,000 gallons of water. Guests are seated in one of six different colored sections each led by their own member of the captain’s crew.

You’ll cheer on your pirate and your color throughout the show as well as take part in different tasks to help your pirate excel. On this swashbuckling adventure you’ll encounter sword fighting, daring stunts, aerial wonders, as well as live singing. Witness the gypsy mermaid dance through the water and on the ground as well as soar through the air. See the pirates go hand to hand as well as sword to sword. Watch the princess decide whether to escape the captain’s clutches or to investigate his charming son. You’ll enjoy a three-course meal as you witness this spectacular.

Guests have the option of tomato bisque and garlic bread or Caesar salad paired with either flame-kissed all natural chicken in a mushroom sauce with Yukon gold mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, pork loin in a garlic demi-glaze with shrimp and Yukon gold mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables, or penne pasta with seasonal vegetables in a basil pesto. Dessert is a chocolate chunk brownie dusted with powdered sugar. Guests can also upgrade their meal to the grilled Alaskan salmon option or upgrade their dessert to the cheesecake slice. Chicken nuggets with mac and cheese are also available for the lads and lasses. Don’t forget to try our special pirate cocktails, there’s a drink for every character in the show!

Will you have Captain Sebastian’s Rum Punch or Cutthroat Jack’s Tequila Sunrise? Don’t worry about that decision; you don’t have to stop at just one! After the show enjoy a Buccaneer Bash in the pre-show area with the entire pirate crew as they dance the night away and take photos with all of the guests. Keep an eye out for our specials on tickets each month, after all, pirates do love a celebration!

You can even feel the adventure up closer by selecting a Treasure or VIP Upgrade. (Subject to availability).


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