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Mom Runs A Tight Ship!

ORLANDO, FL. – Sure, there may be the occasional mutiny from the crew she created but even the captain needs a day off from all of the pillaging, plunder and play.

Enjoy a four-course meal while you embark on an interactive live dinner show experience onboard Captain Sebastian The Black’s Gallon ship and meet Treasure, the Captain’s beloved wife and mother of Blue Pirate, Benjamin.

Join our crew with ours and set sail with us this Mother’s Day.

Connect with our reservation office at 407-206-5100/407-206-5102 or reserve online now.

Avast ye! Famous Real Life Pirates Who Were Also Mothers:

Jeanne de Clisson (1300-1359) Otherwise known as the Lioness of Brittany. She was a former French noblewoman who became a privateer to avenge her husband’s wrongful execution by King Philiph IV. She had a 13-year long career as a pirate and privateer of the English Channel. Following his death, she sold all of her belongings in order to fund her infamous “Black Fleet” recognized by their black and red sails. She attacked the French military and nobility without mercy and left only a few survivors to tell her tale. She had seven children by the time she retired from piracy.

Grace O’Malley (1530 – 1603) Known as the original Pirate Queen by her sworn enemy of the English. She was born to Clan O’Malley who had a reputation of being ruthless pirates who terrorized ships along the Galway Bay. She spoke English, Spanish, Scottish, Gaelic and French amongst other skills, including being well-versed in international trade, which made her an intimidating figure to have aboard. It is claimed that she gave birth to her third child on the high seas and a mere few hours after giving birth, she took up arms and joined the fight on deck after a group of Algerian corsairs attacked the fleet.

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