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Our pirates will now fight a new dragon!

ORLANDO, FL.-  Our Pirates Dinner Adventure show “Secrets of the Deep,” has a brand new dragon. The 25-feet tall creature was recently introduced into the show and it will soon be displayed with a complete different choreography.

One of the dragon builders, Maintenance Brian Davis, said the dragon is able to sustain a person on its neck while it moves, which can bring a touch of adventure into the show.

“It has ten degrees of freedom, meaning that it has a lot of movement,” Davis said. “Basically, the dragon can blow out smoke, move the head, neck, and legs.”

Not only does the dragon, Mnementh, have more movement than the previous dragon, Janice, but it can also be considered a robot because of its responsive features.

“It’s like a Roomba robot when it bounces up and comes around after it hits a wall,” Davis said. “Same thing with the dragon, when you hit it on the nose, it reacts.”

The dragon’s reactive motion provides the pirates with the option of  creating more interactive and dynamic fights during the show, which will certainly have fans jumping out of their seats.

Mnementh is covered with over a 1,000 small blue and green scales made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam, a soft, durable, and dense polymer that makes the whole dragon water resistant and prevents it from easily scratching.

“In the event that the scales scratch or if their color fade away, EVA is easily replaceable,” Davis said. “It would be a matter of a few minutes to have the dragon looking brand-new again.”

Each one of the scales was carefully hand-painted and carved by Davis and the other two builders, Alejandro Alzamora and William ‘Teak’ Read.

Overall, the dragon took about three months to build.

If you feel adventurous enough to set sail with our pirates and fight Mnementh on-board of our Spanish galleon, call our reservations office at 407-206-5100/407-206-5102 or click here to make a reservation.

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