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Talk Like a Pirate

Every sea dog knows there be no better way to talk than talking like a pirate, which is why there’s no better day of the year than September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That’s right, a whole day where boys and girls do nothing but talk like pirates all day long. It’s the most fun day of the entire year and there’s no better place to celebrate in Orlando than Pirates Dinner Adventure – the leading dinner show in the country.

Nestled beside International Drive in Orange County, Pirates Dinner Adventure has something for every buccaneer, young and old. There’s action, swordfights, escapes, romance, a mermaid, and more. Every night, we invite over 150 guests to clamber onstage and take part in the show. But if you want to be rubbing elbows with our crew, its best you know the lingo. Let slip with a few of these choice phrases and your mates will think you a regular freebooter and not a scurvy landlubber.

Ahoy – How pirates say hello.

Cutlass – A pirate’s favorite type of sword. It was short and heavy, just the thing for dueling on the main sails.

Davy Jones’ Locker – The bottom of the sea. Where you send ships after they’ve been plundered for booty.

Give No Quarter – Show no mercy. What a pirate captain tells his crew when he decides to send his enemies down to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Jolly Roger – The pirate flag. It’s named after the pirate Bartholomew Roberts, the first man to fly a flag with the skull and crossbones. Bartholomew wore a red coat, so the French called him “Le Joli Rouge” – the happy red. To the English, this sounded a lot like “Jolly Roger,” so that’s what pirates called the flag.

Hornswaggle – To cheat a man through trickery.

Keelhaul – A punishment doled out to pirates who don’t follow orders. They’re chucked over the side and dragged through the water with a rope.

Marooned – Left alone on a deserted island. What happens to greedy captains who won’t share their booty.

Parley – When pirates need to talk business with other pirates, they call it a parley.

Pieces of Eight – An old Spanish silver dollar and a favorite type of pirate treasure. It was worth eight Spanish reales. Pirates stole and traded Spanish silver all over the Caribbean for years.

Shiver Me Timbers – What pirates say when they’re surprised. In pirate ships, the timbers were the planks that supported the hull of the ship. If the ship got hit by a big wave, the timbers would shake (shiver) and frighten the crew.

Swab the Deck – Wash the deck of the ship. Pirates were mean, but their ships were always clean.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is located south of Orlando in Kissimmee. Any corsair searching for grog, grub, and dinner theater won’t find a better one in all Florida. So, anyone hungry for an adventure they won’t soon forget had best chart a course and buy their tickets today!

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