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The Pirates’ Code

At Pirates Dinner Adventure, we take the Pirates Code seriously. It guides our every move on the high seas and in our lives. But what exactly is the Pirates Code, you may ask? It’s a set of rules and traditions that pirates have followed for centuries, and we’re here to share some of those secrets with ye, and how it relates to our immersive dinner show experience.

The Pirates Code, also known as the Articles of Agreement, was a set of rules that governed the behavior of pirates. The code was created as a way for pirates to maintain order and prevent mutiny on their ships. The code included rules about everything from the division of spoils to punishment for crimes committed on board.

On board our ship the crew refers to  them as The Pirate’s Law:

Pirate’s Law of the A: All Pirates Are Created Equal. One of the most well-known rules in the Pirates Code was that all pirates were equal. This meant that no matter a pirate’s rank or position on the ship, they were entitled to an equal share of any spoils acquired during a raid. At Pirates Dinner Adventure, we emphasize this aspect of the code by showcasing a diverse crew with a wide range of skills and abilities. Whether it’s Luna, our mermaid performing aerial silks, or Antonio, the yellow pirate who is commonly known as The Swordsman on board, each member of the crew has an important role to play.

Pirate’s Law of the B: Be Loyal To Your Crew: In our show, you’ll see that the pirates are a close-knit group who have each other’s backs. . .for the most part. But this loyalty is especially evident during the high-flying stuntwork and aerial silk performances where our performers work together in breathtaking displays of trust and teamwork.

Pirate’s Law of the “C”: It’s a rule that has never been used and we hope it never will.

Pirate’s Law of the “D”: Disputes amongst crew members must be settled fairly. Another important aspect of the Pirates Code was that all disputes between crew members were settled democratically. This meant that any grievances or disagreements had to be brought before the Captain and the rest of the crew for discussion and resolution. 

This is where the audience is encouraged to participate in certain games to help their pirate win the honor of being  First Mate and of course, they are always encouraged to cheer on their pirate throughout the show.

So, the next time you come aboard our ship, remember the Pirates Code and enjoy the show. With thrilling stunts, a delicious meal, and a swashbuckling atmosphere, Pirates Dinner Adventure is a quest you won’t soon forget. See you on the high seas, mateys!


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