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The Pirates Who Stole Christmas

Join Us For Our Special Holiday Show

The holiday season is upon us once again, and to celebrate, we have created a Christmas show spectacular. This year, it’s Santa Claus who is in danger – kidnapped by the nefarious Sebastian the Black and taken to the Hidden Lagoon. Will the evil pirate succeed in ruining Christmas? Or will the brave Benjamin Blue and the beautiful Princess Anita thwart his schemes and rescue Santa from Sebastian’s evil clutches? You won’t want to miss the action as our heroes battle on the high seas at this one-of-a-kind Christmas event.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is the perfect Christmas entertainment – fun for the whole family. Laugh and cheer as our pirate crew swoops through the air, fighting, singing, and performing amazing stunts that will thrill parents and kids alike. Enjoy a luxurious Christmas feast prepared by our masterful kitchen staff and root for your favorite pirate as they compete in exciting games of skill and chance. You might even see a mermaid or get invited onstage to take part in the action. Pirates Christmas adventure is the largest, interactive dinner show in the world. Each night, 150 guests come onstage to help our heroes save Santa Claus and ensure everyone has a happy holiday. So, buy your tickets today and give your family a Christmas present they’ll never forget!


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