Summer Matinees

Summer Lunchtime Matinees

Summer Camp Matinees 2019

Chart your course to summer fun and book your group to a Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Summer Camp Matinee!


Set sail for the high seas aboard a pirate ship for swashbuckling thrills combined with the perfect blend of comedy, romance, action, and adventure. Enjoy breathtaking feats of aerial agility and spectacular musical talent as you dine on a port of call feast. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure os a bounty of hidden treasure waiting to be explored!

For groups os 14 guests or more.

2019 SUMMER CAMP Show Dates

  • June 5th, 12th, 20th and 28th.
  • July 5th, 10th, 18th and 26th.

Summer Camp Matinee Show Time: 11 AM

Arrival Time: 10:00AM

Showtime: 11:00AM

Child meals offered for your students. Adult meals offered for chaperon. Dessert. Unlimited Soft Drinks

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